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“All groups are different but all are fabulous ­ each participant is individual and I love them all. I have to tune into each one personally to help them develop. But I have the ultimate patience to get them all there and the rewards ­ for me and for them ­ are enormous.

“I am frequently asked to describe the work I do, but I find this almost impossible simply because each person’s development is totally different. There are no two journeys the same. So I decided that the only way to do this would be in the words of the students themselves. So here is a small selection of extracts - if you would like to read the complete testimonial please click on the links provided. For your convenience we have also placed a pop-up version of each full testimonial”.

Lee Everett.

LUCINDA ELLERY (Hair loss specialist)

Personal development is like a fingerprint, we all have to learn to hone our special skills, gifts that we all have if we are ready to find them. There are no words to describe the freedom I now experience as normal to my life, my faith runs deeply and is unshakeable. I see the results of Lee’s work on me everyday, through myself and those I am with.

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SUE REDMOND (Obsidian healer counsellor)

My development has enabled me to see clearly what is truly important in life and to understand why I am here. With this also comes the responsibility to keep clear and understand how ego can interfere with our work. It has also enabled me to see that my mind is interfering in things and how to stay still enough to hear my own quiet guidance. Obsidian development is about clearing fear, hurt, anger, pain and ego. It is about dealing with your own issues and taking responsibility for them before you deal with others.

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E.T. (Writer/Journalist)

Through these groups, I am finally beginning to experience what I have read about and searched for all these years ­ the joys of living in the present. I am definitely less of a worrier now, thanks largely to my experiences with Lee and the group, and have managed to deal with an intensely difficult family situation with a strength and calmness I never knew I possessed. I am learning to trust and feel definitely happier and clearer in the way I respond to the world.

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C. MACKIE (Graphic Artist)

Being part of Obsidian for nearly 2 years has quietly stretched and opened my mind, provided me with a secure base that I trust and allowed me to be privy to a large and diverse amount of information that I would never otherwise have heard. I feel more secure in myself because I am trusting my path more and more and seeing the bigger picture spiritually, whether it is on a personal, group or indeed a global level, it is a privilege.

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SONIA WYNN-JONES (Obsidian healer counsellor)

It is nearly impossible to verbalise the experience of spiritual development. It is a very subtle process of self quietening and enlightenment, which ultimately affects and influences every aspect of your life and the lives of those around you. The quality of your life improves not only spiritually but also emotionally and physically.

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SARAH BREWER (Doctor, author and journalist)

Obsidian was set up by one of the UK’s leading healers, Lee Everett, and is based just outside Reading. Lee meets and assesses people who would like to be “opened up” as a clear channel for healing and, if they are suitable, puts together a new group of up to 15 “novices” who meet with her once a month. After a couple of breaks due to motherhood, I have now completed around three years training. I can honestly say it has had a profound effect on my life ­ and on that of the other people I’ve met through the groups. We quickly learn to lose our ego and ­ through meditation ­ to clear our minds so that healing energy can come through. One of the best things I have ever done.

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ELINOR MALCOLM (Editor and writer)

I believe Obsidian’s focus on integrating the benefits of conventional medicine with the healing potential of the spiritual/complementary is the way forward. What was 20 years ago derided as “spooky and alternative” ­ such as reflexology or hypnotherapy ­ is now mainstream. In the same way, I am sure that in 20 years time or less, the mere thought that spiritual development/healing did not have a key part to play in our well being and health will seem incredible. Obsidian with its responsible approach and Advisory Board of respected medical practitioners, is leading the way and I feel honoured to have a chance to be part of it.

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LINDKA CIERACH (Fashion Designer)

The development has brought about shifts, sometimes subtle and sometimes dramatic for me. The process of peeling back the layers of emotion and personal family history, dealing with traumas and having wobbly moments is facilitated within the safe environment of my Obsidian group, where I have a great sense of belonging and support. Letting go has helped me to stop being judgemental, both of myself and of others, which is a relief! This has allowed me to be more tolerant too.

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At Obsidian you meet like-minded people who eventually become very close indeed. They sit with you from the beginning, listening to your concerns and worries however insignificant they are at the beginning. They are the first to see how you are growing. It is a wonderful sort of cleansing as you peel the layers away and reveal the true you without the artifice we have all learnt to use for what we feel is protection. We are capable of doing such powerful and positive things for good, but we need to know how and this is what Obsidian was set up to do. Having an opportunity to learn how to use our highest potential must be worth striving for isn’t it? I believe it is more important than anything else.

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Lees group has changed my life completely. I am a wife and a mother but I no longer worry about the future because I know I am protected and that life is guiding me ­ I just have to listen out and hear when it tells me to turn left.

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M.O. (Lawyer)

As I see it, development is opening yourself up to Spirit/God through meditation and working in that light. As you open up to the Light and become more in tune with Spirit it reveals itself to you but in a slow and gradual process.

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I am now being happy with myself. I am now finding a life purpose. I am trusting my inner voice/conscience/intuition. I have better understanding of my parents. I now have a sense of belonging, of coming home, realisation, feeling protected and cared for. I am learning to trust my inside knowledge.  And I know to wait, and all will be well.

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DR SARA RILEY, (Medical Practitioner)

I believe and now am experiencing that it is only through “quiet” that the essence of being can be realised. It is difficult in these days of rush and anxiety to have experience of this or opportunity to develop it. The work with Lee allows this process to take place through the development of meditation. It is then through this “quietness” that self awareness and an understanding of the “spirit” may take place. The consequences of this are individual and may be far reaching and greater than most would have imagined.

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PAUL BENNETT (Healer Counsellor)

I knew before I started that I had been opened as a healer but I am now much more focused in my inner self and I no longer ask the questions: “why am I doing this?” or “who am I kidding?”. I have learned to open myself to that which is beyond my understanding and just let things happenŠ to become a clear channel as Lee is constantly reminding me. The biggest change is in my intuition and feeling for things that are happening with others, these senses are now much sharper and well defined instead of being woolly and blurred. I have also become a much better listener to the problems of others.

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H.H (Charity Fund Raiser)

I joined one of Lee’s development groups this January and met eleven other like minded people all wanting to pursue their roles in life, to reach their maximum potential and help as many people as possible on their journey. It was amazing the links that already existed between us. As the past six months have progressed I have been amazed at how my life and the lives of those closest to me have changed ­ for the better ­ how I am calmer, clearer of thought (well on most things!) and how “things” just keep coming to me. As for Lee herself, purely and simply ­ very wise lady who just “knows” and who wants so much to pass it on.

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ANNA BRUNING (Writer and journalist)

Lee has shown me that past and future are a circle, and that we are able to safely negotiate our way between them no matter how uncertain the present may seem. Her teachings on meditation, visualisation, positive belief, healing ourselves and others, and the power we have to channel benefit into our own personal situations, are beyond price. Thanks to Lee, I am starting to find what she calls our “sound of silence” ­ that calm, clear channel that allows a positive voice to reach those that are quiet enough to be ready to hear it.

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VICTORIA STEVENTON (TV director/producer)

Through Lee I have become more calm, more self aware and more open. We have all received answers to problems and questions in our life and help to deal with them. Meditation keeps me grounded and I don’t know how I ever managed without it. My faith and trust in life is now rock solid, I know that we are all being looked after and that everything that happens to us happens for a reason. Lee is an incredible woman whose kindness, wisdom and passion for what she is doing shines through her. She is infinitely patient with us all and always available for us. Development has become the most important thing in my life, who knows where it will lead, but I do know that is why I am here, to be a worker.

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RUSSELL PIKE (Insurance broker)

Through the group meditations, I have found quiet, tranquillity, direction and control. I am now much more at ease and have found increased patience and understanding, this is enabling me to learn healing within the development group, giving me something to share with others.

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KEITH BRIGHT (Electrical Engineer)

We were fourteen complete strangers, from fourteen completely different walks of life with one common goal. The most fascinating thing is that after about two meetings these people were as close to me, as if I had known them for years. In the power of the meditation group there becomes a “oneness. A very comfortable “oneness”. One that you can carry with you.

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BRUCE OWEN ( Business Man )

If you have any thoughts of black and white, good and evil forget them, around  Lee and John there is no hocus pocus, just fun, support and an opportunity to improve your life both on the physical and spiritual level. A chance to meet and make friends in the groups of fellow travellers who may come from very disparate backgrounds but whom you will soon find are truly there to support and encourage you in your hour of adversity and are also gracious enough to allow you to help them.

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