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“All groups are different but all are fabulous ­ each participant is individual and I love them all. I have to tune into each one personally to help them develop. But I have the ultimate patience to get them all there and the rewards ­ for me and for them ­ are enormous.

“I am frequently asked to describe the work I do, but I find this almost impossible simply because each person’s development is totally different. There are no two journeys the same. So I decided that the only way to do this would be in the words of the students themselves.

Lee Everett.

LUCINDA ELLERY (Hair loss specialist)

I work in female health issues that result in my clients facing and dealing with female hair loss. I first found Lee through a journalist friend as I felt in dire need of advice to help me with the girls I work with.

I was immediately struck by Lee’s calming light and steady presence. It was quickly clear that it was me who needed working on! I was delighted that she suggested training me in developing my intuitive and healing skills; little did I know how much effort she would need to put into me, and how the months and years ahead would change my life forever.

I clearly remember how, although I hadn’t uttered a word in her presence for at least 15 minutes, Lee told me that I was ‘very noisy’! It would be some time before I understood completely what she meant. Not until I became silent inside was I able to identify this in others, and her words would echo in my mind.

During my development I learned to meditate with Lee in silence, thus opening a whole avenue of doors. I also learned to face trials and tribulations in a completely different way, thus getting rid of all the fears in my life. I, like any other person on the planet, have the same traumas and tribulations. However, now I am rarely troubled by what life has to throw at me; I am still and calm in all situations and now am far more effective with the girls I work with.

Personal development is like a fingerprint: we all have to learn to hone our special skills, gifts that we all have if we are ready to find them. Lee told me that I would never reach my full potential as a healer while I saw only the best in people (making excuses for the darkness I saw in people). After all, the good stuff didn’t need healing ­ I needed to acknowledge the other stuff in order to be of help.

There are no words to describe the freedom I now experience as normal to my life: my faith runs deeply and is unshakeable. I see the results of Lee’s work on me every day, through myself and those I work with. I cannot imagine what my life would have been had Lee not guided me with her incredible insight and words of wisdom. My life and those I touch are changed for the better, my inner peace, channelling and direction are now clearly felt and known to me, with visible results all round.

I am privileged to work with such a remarkable person. I thank God every day of my life for guiding me to Lee and into her care and direction.

SUE REDMOND (Obsidian healer counsellor)

It was about 10 years ago when I met Lee for the first time. My son who was three years old at the time started to tell me that there was an (invisible) Lady in our home and he seemed very frightened by her. I didn’t know what to do about this but I knew something needed to be done as it was frightening him. I heard Lee quite by chance talking on Pete Murray’s radio show about clairaudience and spirits that were trapped and I thought she sounded sensible, practical ­ everything she said simply made sense. So I made an appointment with her. I was so terrified on the day I was due to meet her I went around Shepherd’s Bush roundabout six or seven times as I had a feeling that my life would never be the same.

I went to see Lee and she explained about the Lady and that she would clear her for me and help her back to the Light. The extraordinary thing about this is that by the time I got home about an hour later my flat felt empty ­ I never realised it felt full before but now it was strangely empty. Obviously our Lady had gone!!

During our meeting Lee said that I was also very sensitive and I had discussions about how I felt, what I sensed and saw. As a child I would start to cry in other people’s houses for no apparent reason and had very vivid dreams. I saw my father the day he died in our back garden and had the classic childhood friend that no one else could see. I loved being in churches, especially when they were empty, and sometimes felt frightened in places for no apparent reason, which made absolutely no sense to me.

Lee said I was a ‘worker’ but that I was too sensitive and that I needed to meditate, to become very still and to quieten myself down. I joined a meditation group and although I had never meditated before could not believe it when in the first meditation I could feel myself holding Lee’s hand although I physically was not ­ and I truly felt that I had come home.

Everything that was discussed about being ‘still’ to be ‘clear’ made absolute sense to me. Over the next few years I attended meditation classes to become clear and I had to address issues such as my attitude to life’s ‘normal’ problems and learn to understand that everything is for a reason and that there is a bigger picture to everything: we just have to be able to sit still enough to let this emerge.

I learned about past lives and how they can affect this lifetime if they need to be cleared. My development has enabled me to see clearly what is truly important in life and to understand why I am here. With this also comes responsibility to keep clear and also to understand about how Ego can interfere with our work. It has also enabled me to see what is my mind interfering in things and how to stay still enough to hear my own quiet guidance. It has shown me that the mind only knows what this lifetime has put into it, i.e. how to pay the bills, clean my home and get from a to b; and it is my Spirit that knows the truth.

Development has allowed me to understand how to clear my mind and how to sit still around even the most traumatic times. It has helped me in extraordinary ways such as when my daughter became extremely ill overnight and is now permanently disabled. I would meditate for a few seconds in between her seizures; this would keep me clear and help me to continue to stay calm throughout. It has over the years helped me to come to terms with the fact that I can have no control over what happens to my daughter’s health: I will never be quick enough to catch her when she falls whilst fitting and I can do nothing to stop the seizures besides give her anticonvulsants, but I can help her by staying absolutely still and simply being there calm for her when she is still.

Development has also helped me understand the bigger picture around her and that she is an extraordinarily special person. I can understand her sensitivities. I have dealt with the grief of thinking I had a ‘normal healthy child’ and suddenly without warning having a child that will need care for the rest of her life. Quite simply this development has kept me sane, clear and calm: it has helped me to understand about faith for the first time. It helps me to help others in similar situations. I am now a healer counsellor and help people in all sorts of ways and I feel that I was right when I went round Shepherd’s Bush roundabout ­ my life has not been the same but it is a very interesting varied and bright life.

This work is hard work and with it comes enormous responsibilities, both to the people you deal with but also in relation to the absolute responsibility to keep clear. I cannot imagine life without having what I know now. This development is about clearing fear, hurt, anger, pain, Ego; it is about dealing with your own issues and taking responsibility for this before you deal with others. It is about restoring faith, trust, and understanding our own individual light and the path it’s on and having clear compassion to enable others to be who they truly are, not what life makes them think they are.

E.T. (Writer/Journalist)

The course seems to work on so many different levels. For me, the meditations have a great impact ­ half an hour in the morning and again in the afternoon. I have meditated in groups before, but this feels totally different ­ there is such a sense of power in the room, and I sometimes go very deep, far deeper than in my own practice at home. My experiences in the group meditations have made me much more committed to my own daily practice, and it very confirming to hear Lee’s comments and the feedback from the other women. We all seem to be making real progress with something that many of us initially found difficult. We have just started to move on to learn "hands-on" healing.

Just being part of this monthly group is a wonderfully supporting and inspiring experience. The women who come to Lee’s groups include a truly incredible range of people from all walks of life and it has been great to meet some of the others by attending other groups on the few occasions when I have not been able to come to my own. I’ve found it particularly inspiring to meet those who have been coming for many years and who are now using what they have learned in so many areas of life ­ the health service, teaching, alternative health or simply in the way they are bringing up their families.

Lee herself is a wonderful teacher, with that lightness of touch and humour that one can sometimes find in truly spiritual people who manage that difficult business of being “in the world but not of the world.” The most important thing I have learned from her is not to let my mind get too carried away with events that occur in my life. As a writer, my mind has served me pretty well in life, but I am finally learning that I can “turn it on” when it is needed, but not let it get caught up in pointless stressing out, imagining and worrying. Through these groups, I am finally beginning to experience what I have read about and searched for all these years ­ the joys of living in the present. I am definitely less of a worrier now, and thanks largely to my experiences with Lee and the group, have managed to deal with an intensely difficult family situation with a strength and calmness that I never knew I possessed. I am learning to trust and feel definitely happier and clearer in the way I respond to the world. I hope that my next step will be to take some of what I am learning out into a wider context.

C. MACKIE (Graphic Artist)

Having been part of Obsidian for nearly 2 years has quietly stretched and opened my mind, provided me with a secure base that I trust and allowed me to be privy to a large and diverse amount of information that I would never otherwise have heard. I feel more secure in myself because I am trusting my path more and more and seeing the bigger picture spiritually, whether it be on a personal, group or indeed a global level, it is an amazing privilege.

Letting go of the importance I'd given to my ego - which comes in different guises for different people from too much confidence to too much humility - and replacing this with acceptance and calm is the foundation of the work to follow, to clear oneself and become a clear channel. This seems to happen fairly quickly through the first 6 months or so from joining the group and definitely isn’t easy for most. As one carries on developing, one’s fears come to the surface, need to be faced and gently sifted away. It seems to be a time of great change and release, little did I know what was in store on that front!

Lee's teaching is subtle and deceptively strong - she's definitely not to be underestimated and I've been very impressed at how she's handled us all. We've all got such different needs and she treats us all accordingly. We're there to learn and to let go of our rubbish (so that we don't pass it on when healing others) and she helps point us in the right direction. I very much look forward to the groups now and have an enormous respect for the work Lee does, what she has achieved and her plans and hopes for Obsidian's long term future.

SONIA WYNN-JONES (Obsidian healer counsellor)

About eleven years ago I was going through an acrimonious divorce. I had two very young daughters and a soon-to-be ex-husband who was not forthcoming with Maintenance. I was doing my best to be the good mother I both wanted to be and felt I should be. At the same time I needed to earn a living without leaving my daughters with carers. It was hard and the situation was spinning out of control and taking me with it.

At this time an old friend told me I should go and see Lee. I asked what she did and he said, "Don't ask! Just go!" Curiosity got the better of my indignation at being told what to do, and I made an appointment. When I arrived I immediately told Lee I had no idea what I was doing there and from then on didn't stop talking and spilling my own particular can of beans. I lost track of time and have no idea how long I had been there when I bent down to stroke Lee's puppy Scruff and winced with pain as my back twinged. I had injured my back badly in a horse riding accident in my teens and had had increasing problems and pain ever since. It was then that Lee gave me healing. I told her I didn't know if I believed in it, but she told me that it was of no consequence as it was her energy not mine which was needed, so I went along with it and gave it no further thought.

About half way back to Richmond from Hammersmith, It occurred to me that the familiar and constantly nagging pain in my back wasn't there! I told myself that I was the most gullible person I knew, but after about a week the pain still hadn't returned. I shocked myself by making a second appointment with Lee and was a subscriber to her healing and counselling for many years thereafter.

Lee told me many times that I should develop as a healer/counsellor. I had always been a magnet for people with ills and problems and seemed able to do some good. As a child I had been able to 'see'. My mother told me that I was constantly surprised that she could not see and hear the people I could and this was incredibly frustrating to a small child. I would also often dream things that would subsequently happen and I realised from very early on that I was more than usually intuitive.

For all the aforementioned reasons I finally joined one of Lee's Development Groups. I must add that, by this time, my back caused me chronic pain and I had lost a lot of movement in my left leg, which was dragging. I had difficulty in sitting down and then standing up again. I was in trouble. The orthopaedic specialist I had seen had told me that there was nothing to be done. He told me I had the spine of an 80 year old, and I was only 47 at the time. The damage and deterioration in my spine was such that if he operated on the worst area, the rest of my spine would suffer too much pressure and that eventually I would have to have a series of operations, which would ultimately stiffen my spine altogether. The prognosis was gloomy.

It is impossible to verbalise the experience of Spiritual Development. It is a very subtle process of self-quietening and enlightenment, which ultimately affects and influences every aspect of your life and to the lives of those around you. The quality of your life improves not only spiritually but also emotionally and physically.

Something happened to me within the Development Group, which was to me at that stage, astonishing. We meditate once in the morning and then again in the afternoon. These meditations are very powerful and we see images, colours and very often, complete scenes. We receive messages and learn to understand what they mean and how to apply them to our lives. We also receive healing.

During the first four or five months, each time I meditated with the Group I felt my back being manipulated. It was not always comfortable and sometimes I would emerge from meditation feeling physically sick, but five months later I was virtually pain-free and no longer dragged my left leg. All that was left was some stiffness, which I still have, though not constantly.

Everyone in the Group witnessed this extraordinary happening. It was not sudden. As I said, it happened over about five months. Had I not been on the receiving end of this, I would have found it very hard to believe. But this DID happen to me and six years later I am still without pain.

That was my back, but I was also chronically asthmatic. I had, shortly before joining the Group, been hospitalised and was almost at death's door. I was put on large doses of steroid tablets, not to mention two different inhalers and I could not go far without a nebuliser which is electric and has to be plugged in to an electrical socket. Within the first year of the Group I needed no steroids. I now occasionally use an inhaler, but only if the weather is very cold and damp or if I have a cold.

Apart from having been 'healed' physically, I have quietened beyond belief. It is a deep inner calm, which is achieved gradually, and with that inner quietness you are able to handle life in a very different way. Your problems do not disappear, but the way you handle them, and the way you handle people, changes. You also seem to emanate a quietness, which makes those around you react to you differently. In other words, life is far more manageable. Developing as a healer/counsellor means that, having always been intuitive, you become even more so. You learn to push your mind back and let go and your faith grows. With that and the 'healing' within and without, you become a clear channel and unconsciously receive messages and guidance, not only for yourself but to pass on to those who seek your help. You are able to help yourself and others in a 'whole' and spiritual way.

Today, I take meditation groups and see people on a one to one basis, to give healing and counselling. Every day I see the difference that meditation and quietening makes to lives. Knowing that I am a channel through which healing and counselling is transmitted may not be visible or tangible, but it is real and is the most fulfilling, rewarding life anyone can ever lead.

SARAH BREWER (Doctor, author and journalist)

Obsidian was set up by one of the UK’s leading healers, Lee Everett, and is based just outside Reading. Lee meets and assesses people who would like to be ‘opened up’ as a clear channel for healing and, if they are suitable, puts together a new group of up to 15 ‘novices’ who meet with her once a month.

When I first met Lee, it was as if a cool bright light was switched on inside my head. I had this lovely cold, refreshing feeling in my skull which I suddenly realised had been there all along but in a very embryonic, unnoticed way. The feeling subsided after around two days and I really missed it. Now, whenever I meditate or allow healing energy to flow through me, I experience the same sensation.

I started in a group about five years ago and it took several years to learn to switch off my thoughts so the healing energy could flow. Now I can almost ‘summon’ it on tap ­ but only if I am relaxed and calm. If there are any stresses around me, it takes ages to switch off enough for the energy to come through. After a couple of breaks due to motherhood, I have now completed around three years’ worth of training. I can honestly say it has had a profound effect on my life ­ and on that of the other people I’ve met through the groups. We quickly learn to lose our Ego and ­ through meditation ­ to clear our minds so that healing energy can come through. One of the best things I have ever done.

When the healing energy flows I see a bright, swirling, purple cloud that pulsates and moves to and fro behind my eyelids. Initially, if I opened my eyes the purple went ­ now I can see the purple cloud with my eyes open as long as the ambient light is not too bright. Usually, when the power first comes in during meditation, there is a sensation like an inner jolt ­ almost as if I am crossing a ‘gap’ which is difficult to explain. This feeling lasts only around a second and helps me realise that my consciousness is not trapped inside my body but can almost shift into another dimension. Interestingly, there is no jolt to bring me back ­ I come back from the meditation gently.

Sometimes during meditation I see symbols such as eyes, faces, statues or pyramids. Often it is just swirling colours ­ whites purples and citrine yellow are the most common. Sometimes there is a rich crimson red and occasionally, there is a video-like scene in full Technicolor which takes place inside a central circular ‘window’. Recently during a meditation I saw a fleeting glimpse of a Tibetan Monk ­ as soon as I tried to focus him, he disappeared, but I felt there was a strong connection between us.

After meditation or giving healing I feel very energised and recharged. Most girls in my group look younger than their years ­ a beneficial side effect of bathing in the energy. I often see little bright pinpoints of light around people or around me. Usually they are white or silver. Occasionally there is a sapphire blue or, rarely, a ruby red light.

ELINOR MALCOLM (Editor and writer)

I first met Lee over 10 years ago when she was the subject of a ‘celebrity’ interview in one of the magazines my company published in London. The hard-bitten journalist I had sent to conduct the interview had returned thoughtful and much struck, after talking with Lee about her spiritual work and experiencing a past life regression to try to get to the bottom of her fear of birds. She found the power of Lee’s work inexplicable and, when I got to know Lee myself, I found the same.

When you meet someone with such absolute faith in matters of Spirit, it is always a powerful experience. Yet Lee combines this with such down to earth charm and humour and such a rich experience of life that all the usual accusations of ‘wifty wafty spiritualism’, which cynics tend to come up with, are kicked into touch. Certainly, after more than two decades of working within the ‘mind, body, spirit’ arena, I have met my fair share of perplexing, misguided, dubious and frankly loony types. Lee goes so far beyond this it’s almost impossible to describe ­ even by someone whose job it has been to write about such things!

I first joined one of Lee’s meditation groups in the early nineties but was an irregular participant, due to the ‘more important’ demands of a job where overtime was the norm. Though I discovered almost immediately that the sense of inner stillness and calm I experienced when participating in the groups regularly made a huge difference to my health and well being in my life outside, yet somehow the ‘workaday world’ kept dragging me away.

Luckily for me, I was still regularly in touch with Lee when a bombshell dropped: the very sudden death of my mother. Lee’s support was a lifeline I couldn’t have managed without. It is easy to say that every bereaved person will turn to the world of Spirit in a desperate attempt to cling onto the person they have lost; but Lee wasn’t offering any ‘soft soaping’ palliative comfort: she helped me truly understand the loss was purely physical and through her and through learning to practise meditation, I have felt a totally palpable sense of the continuation of Spirit through the deaths of both my parents.

With patience and humour Lee has kept me focused on what is really important in life and my life has changed beyond recognition now that I am a regular participant in Obsidian development groups. Though I am not sure what route my personal development will ultimately take, I am constantly made aware of its effects by the reactions of friends and colleagues; I seem able to offer them wisdom and healing without consciously thinking about what I am saying or doing. Though I must be far from being a ‘clear channel’, and I am constantly reminded of how much I have to learn and grow, my time with Obsidian has taught me that something good is working through my life and through me.

I believe Obsidian’s focus on integrating the benefits of conventional medicine with the healing potential of the spiritual/complementary is the way forward. What was 20 years ago derided as ‘spooky and alternative’ ­ such as reflexology or hypnotherapy ­ is now mainstream. In the same way, I am sure that in 20 years’ time or less, the mere thought that spiritual development/healing did not have a key part to play in our well being and health will seem incredible. Obsidian, with its responsible approach and Advisory Board of respected medical practitioners, is leading the way and I feel honoured to have a chance to be part of it.

LINDKA CIERACH (Fashion Designer)

Being a part of Obsidian is like finding the key to a door that has transformed my life, giving it purpose and direction. I have always felt that there was something ‘missing ’ and that whilst I felt capable of fitting in everywhere and with everyone like a chamelion, I never really understood where I was coming from, and why.

When I met Lee, I felt as if I had come home. I had no idea when I started my journey what to expect, nor did I have any great expectations, I just wanted to share and learn whatever Lee had to offer, and I just knew it was right for me.

By the time I started the course I had lost both my parents, my mother died shortly after I’d met Lee, and I was full of anxieties and fears about everything. My mind was in constant turmoil, always busy. Life was anything but peaceful!

Through Lee I have learnt to meditate. Meditation is the single most important building block of my development.

Her approach to meditation is very simple. She teaches us to be comfortably seated, to close our eyes, and allow the mind to relax. When thoughts come, we let them drift on, and after daily practice, over a period of time, subtle changes start to take place. Meditation has liberated my mind, bringing peace, light and quietness, and I look forward to it everyday.

Through meditation practice comes a sense of connection with spirit. My experience of spirit is one of comfort, of never being alone, of access to new wisdom and of purposefulness. It is the most exciting and humbling and powerful experience. It is understanding the connection with spirit that has helped me to develop my powers with hands-on-healing and dowsing. To be able to help someone, for example come off her addiction to Prozac, simply by hands-on-healing is immensely humbling and, has reinforced the belief that spirit is working through me.

The development has brought about shifts, sometimes subtle and sometimes dramatic for me. The process of peeling back the layers of emotion and personal family history, dealing with traumas and having wobbly moments is facilitated within the safe environment of my Obsidian group, where I have a great sense of belonging and support. Letting go has helped me to stop being judgemental, both of myself and of others, which is a relief! This has allowed me to be more tolerant too.

I used to get very drained by being with difficult people. Using imagery has been very helpful in these moments. By focusing my mind on a particular visualisation, I can feel unscathed and protected in a vulnerable situation.

As I am changing and developing I notice changes in the people who surround me in my daily working life and it is making for a much happier and harmonious environment.

I am conscious that I am on journey which is exciting, challenging, fulfilling and rewarding, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


It takes time to even begin to realise things are changing in and around you, this included in my case my husband. I realised he was being supported

in his endeavours before I was aware that I was being similarly affected. But the over-riding feeling that creeps up is the realisation that you are not alone.

The path you are on is the path carved out for you and if you follow it you will be protected. This doesn't mean there won't be difficult and uncomfortable times ahead, it means that nothing will be thrown at you that you cannot manage.

This work allows me to see a larger picture and a wish to be involved in something bigger than just my life. I don't know where or what that is going to be, but I do know that it is will be the reason I am here and I will embrace it whole-heartedly when it reveals itself.

At Obsidian you meet like-minded people who eventually become very close indeed. They sit with you from the beginning listening to your concerns and worries however insignificant they are at the beginning. They are the first to see how you are growing. It is a wonderful sort of cleansing as you peel the layers and the masks away and reveal the true you without the artifice we have all learnt to use for what we feel is protection. We are capable of doing such powerful and positive things for good, but we need to know how and this is what Obsidian was set up to do. Having an opportunity to learn how to use our highest potential must be worth striving for isn't it? I believe it is more important than anything else.

Now people often feel healed just by being in my home, and I know things are happening in my son’s and husband’s lives, which they attribute to something spiritual happening through me.


I don’t know where to start. It has nearly been two years that I’ve been in one of Lee’s groups and on the surface very little has changed but underneath and inside me ­ everything is so much calmer and happier.

It all began with a hairdresser. Lucinda Ellery who was helping me with a problem I have called trichotillomania ­ I pull my hair out ­ well used to ­ but that’s another story. I had been going to her hair studio for some months when she told me that she would like to send me to see a very special lady called Lee EverettŠ “I’m very careful who I send to her ­ she won’t see just anyone you see. She’s a healer and so are you.”

It was such a bolt from the blue! I had always wished my life could be a little less middle class and a little more bohemian ­ but a healer? All I could think of were hippies and weirdos ­ healing was something done by women who wore heavy black eye make up and scarves on their heads ­ I really knew nothing about it at all. Something did strike a tiny chord though. I loved giving massages to friends and my husband and I found that whenever my hands were massaging someone, there was a pulse in my palm which guided my hand to the spot that hurt and needed massaging. For years I had thought that everybody had, what I called, a heart beat in their hand. Apparently not, and I had always been curious that I had one and wondered why.

Anyway, I went to see Lee and drove to Streatley one beautiful sunny day. Lee was lovely ­ very small, very down to earth with a big heart and a big sense of humour. I told her about Lucinda and what she had said and all about my hair pulling, hoping she could help me kick the habit. “You’ve not come to see me about your hair ­ that’ll get better on its own ­ you’ve come to see me because you’re a healer and I am here to bring healers on and help them develop”.

Lee explained that my problem was that I was too busy ­not my body but my mind. My mind was constantly buzzing with the stuff of everyday life, lists, thoughts, things to do, fears, worries, anxietiesŠ It never stopped and there were times I thought I’d go mad at bed time when my body was aching for sleep but my mind was racing with plans for tomorrow and the rest of my life. No exaggeration ­ there was never a moment’s peace. There was no way I could ever have realised I was a healer because I couldn’t hear anything else in my head but me. Healers need to be clear channels ­ empty vessels ­ and I was a long way off.

Lee told me I needed to learn how to meditate. I would need to sit and meditate as often as I could to train my mind to shut up. She and I sat in her room and she asked me to listen to my sound of silence ­ a one note tone that I should try and focus, on blocking out every other thought from my head. “Not a hope!” was the thought that immediately started to run around laughing in my head but bizarrely in Lee’s presence I felt myself quieten down and become beautifully calm and still.

Lee gave me a tape and told me to practise my meditation at home until she started another group and then I would come and join her with a group of other women and we would gather once every four weeks to develop. She gave me some healing on my neck before I left ­ cynically, I didn’t think it had worked but realised after driving for two hours down the M4 that I could turn my head and it didn’t hurt any more ­ as it had for the last six years.

So that was how it started and as predicted, I joined a group which was christened the Sopranos - we were all nuns in a convent together many moons ago. I was so scared ­ there was me ­ a housewife from South London with a group of amazing and wonderful women ­ an actress, wife of a famous film director, that woman who designed Fergie’s wedding dress, a TV presenter, an artist, a GP, a homeopath, a journalist ­ all professionals and all at the peak of their fields and me who had babies and no life. That’s how it seemed at first but they were all so nice and such good fun that it didn’t matter and somehow in Lee’s amazing room, we left behind our lives outside and just became us ­ no egos allowed, it wasn’t intimidating at all ­ it was liberating.

We all had to introduce ourselves and describe how we had found Lee and then we just chatted and had a really good laugh. There was no blackboard or chalk, note books or recommended reading ­ we really just sat and talked about Lee’s experiences and had a go at meditating ­ once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Lunch was hysterical ­ we all brought our own and everyone had their personal tastes ­ wheat free, dairy free, organic, no salt, no additives and then one of the group always had a super-processed chemically laden scotch egg! The day always flew by and at the end Lee made three or four cakes and we stuffed ourselves with a nice cup of tea ­ herbal of course!

I was learning about healing but there was no curriculum. Just being with Lee and with the group ­ the experience of it was building the power in me and making my mind quieten down. I meditated at home two or three times a week which was hard with two very young children and a big house to look after. But I noticed that my mind was less chatty, I was less worried and yes ­ my hair had grown back. I loved my days at Lee’s ­ on one level it was an escape from the kids and my everyday life, on another level it was a chance to spend time with some amazing women who were fascinating and fun, but best of all it gave me peace of mind and a calmness that I had never experienced in my life. I never missed a group, however hard it was to arrange babysitting, travelling up there and affording to pay my monthly fees, I always found a way to make it happen.

About fifteen months after it all started, I felt ready to give some healing. Friends particularly seemed to come to me when something was wrong or they were ill and asked me to help. At first I used to apologise in advance and say that I didn’t think it would work ­ but you know, it did. So now I don’t apologise any more. In the group, Lee always talked about faith and trust ­ it was the thing I found the hardest. I questioned everything she talked about but the more healing I gave, the more faith I had. Everything really came together when I gave healing to some children ­ they were both dyspraxic ­ one is my nephew and one a friend of my son’s. The minute I put my hands on them they said the same thing ­ they felt fizzy inside and afterwards felt happy ­ and their mums said they were changed children afterwards. Children have no preconceived notions of healing and they don’t make things like that up. It was fantastic to see it really working ­ it really clinched my faith and now I know it works.

Lee’s group has changed my life completely. I still live in South London, I am still a wife and a mother but I no longer worry about the future because I know I am protected and that life is guiding me ­ I just have to listen out and hear it when it tells me to turn left.

M.O. (Lawyer)

I have always felt that I have had past lives ­ a strong feeling of empathy with particular groups of people. I mentioned this, quite by chance, to a friend who introduced me to Lee Everett. I went to Lee for regression since it was this that really interested me and found that (at least) I had lived in Anglo Saxon England and latterly in the U.S.A. Each time I was regressed it was as if a weight had been taken off my shoulders. I felt lighter and calmer.

I did not see Lee for three years. I fell seriously ill and having recovered I just knew that I had to see her again. I wasn’t even sure why it was so important to see her. I tracked her down ­ by this time she was no longer working in London ­ and it was this that led me into development.

As I see it, development is opening yourself up to Spirit/God through meditation and then working in that light.

It is never clear where your path will lie. As you open up to the light and become more in tune with Spirit it reveals itself, but it is a slow and gradual process. I am being led to help trapped spirits get back to the light. It isn’t really a matter of choice. You are led where you are meant to be working. You need to have complete faith in Spirit and be prepared to fall backwards, (i.e. go with it even if you don’t know quite where it is leading you) knowing that you will be caught.


The following are thoughts, just thoughts, that occurred to me.

  1. Tuesdays (group day) can't come quick enough.
  2. At last my questions are answered.
  3. I have watched my face and my stance change, I'm standing up straight and my face is relaxing
  4. I am now being happy with myself.
  5. I am now finding a life purpose.
  6. I am trusting my inner voice/conscience/intuition.
  7. I have better understanding of my parents.
  8. I now have a sense of belonging, of coming home, realisation, feeling protected and cared for.
  9. I am having a solution - meditate to find the answer, and it will come;
  10. Something to thank, somewhere to turn to.
  11. I am learning to trust my inside knowledge. 
  12. And I know to wait, and all will be well.
  13. I am knowing things will be ok, gradually everything in life is working out for the best
  14. I get affirmations every day.
  15. I have an understanding I'm not trapped, I choose to be here.
  16. I am noticing friends who are false and realising what they are actually saying.
  17. I have stopped pushing things along so much, just letting them happen.
  18. I am starting to stop people pleasing, saying what’s on my mind or keeping quiet.
  19. Now my children are calmer, their lives too are sorting out
  20. I have stopped being jealous of others’ lives
  21. I have stopped talking with a stutter from a crowded mind, no longer paralysed with too many thoughts at once, unable to act.
  22. I can't remember feeling like this before,
  23. I'm living for the day and enjoying every minute.

DR SARA RILEY, (Medical Practitioner)

The process that takes place with Lee and within the group is individual. The pace of development of self awareness, the consequences of this and the end point are unique to each.

I believe and now am experiencing that it is only through “quiet” that the essence of being can be realised. It is difficult in these days of rush and anxiety to have experience of this or opportunity to develop it. The work with Lee allows this process to take place through the development of meditation. It is then through this “quietness” that self awareness and an understanding of the “spirit” may take place. The consequences of this are individual and may be far reaching and greater than most would have imagined.

The process has had an effect on all aspects of my life, I am by no means “sorted” but more comfortable with what is happening, confident that I will end up on the correct road eventually and that the decisions along the way were the correct ones. I feel that the essence of being/spirit/soul that I have been able to connect with is a source of ideas, support, knowledge, peace, quiet, love and probably much more yet unknown to me.

PAUL BENNETT (Healer Counsellor)

For four years before I met Lee and her husband John I had been meditating regularly and had worked towards expanding my inner self in order to become a healer. I found great comfort and strength in this, but somehow I felt that I was facing a wall and had no idea how to pass through and grow within myself and to face the truth I was constantly seeking.

Then a chance introduction to Lucinda Ellery lead me to Lee Everett and she told me that her husband John Alkin was meeting some men with the view to starting a men’s group for meditation and inner growth. I thought that I would give it a go, not really believing that I was going to get much more knowledge from this than I had accumulated already. I could not have been more wrong.

The circle of men meet once a month and we have two sessions of meditation interspersed with talks, evaluations and support for each other in the group. There is always at least one of us that is in the middle of some problem or other, whether it be work, health, a family member or close friend and we all try to lend our support and encouragement.

Also, our meditations bring us closer together and there is a real sense of energy and power within the group the longer we are together. Of course some people dropped out, this is a road that demands commitment and a desire to grow. But the core group now are very much in tune with each other and we have become friends as well as colleagues.

For myself, I knew before I started that I had been opened as a healer but I am now much more focused in my inner self and I no longer ask the questions: “Why am I doing this?” or “ Who am I kidding?” I have learned to open myself to that which is beyond my understanding and just let things happenŠ. To become a clear channel as Lee is constantly reminding me. The biggest change is in my intuition and feeling for things that are happening with others - these senses are now much sharper and well defined instead of being woolly and blurred. I have also become a much better listener to the problems of others.

I know that I have a long way to go and many bridges to cross, but I have the comfort of knowing that I will have friends with me, John, the guys in the group and, of course, Lee.

H. H (Charity Fund Raiser)

I went to have hair extensions put in, told my life story to Lucinda Ellery, who in return told me I had an Indigo child and that I must get in touch with Lee Everett. Not your average hair appointment I can assure you. Having been involved in the music business for years, I was well aware of who Lee was and what she was involved with, so I wasted no time in getting in touch.

I drove out to her place, not sure what I was going to be getting involved with but 100% sure that this was something that was meant to happen. There had been a lot of things around that time that had been ‘spookily’ no co-incidence.

Lee confirmed that my daughter who is profoundly mentally and physically disabled was indeed an Indigo child, with a special role to play in this life. It was through having a disabled child and getting involved in ‘that way of life’ that I myself had come to realise that my life had now taken on a different emphasis and was leading me in a completely different direction. A definite sense of ‘this was meant to be’. Lee also confirmed, what I had long been thinking, that my next project should be a charity to support the disabled kids in our area and their families. You see the families surrounding a child with differabilities (Lee’s new word for our special kids) is very precious and constantly under pressure, so the members need as much help/respite and not forgetting FUN as possible. Hopefully, that’s where me and my team will be able to make a difference.

I joined one of Lee’s development groups this January and met 11 other like-minded people all wanting to pursue their roles in life, to reach their maximum potential and help as many people as possible on their journey. It was amazing the links that already existed between us.

As the past 6 months have progressed I have been amazed at how my life and the lives of those closest to me have changed ­ for the better ­ how I am calmer, clearer of thought (well, on most things!) and how ‘things’ just keep coming to me. I thought I was going to have money problems as the result of an impending divorce but the money has come from other places. I thought I might never work in the music business again because of the pressures of my daughter and my other two children and being a lone parent, but something tailor-made for me has started off slowly and seems to be gathering momentum . I have my charity trustees I just need to get my act together on the constitution and acquire the ‘business brains’ ­ but the timing is not quite right yet and I know that when it is, it will become evident and everything I need will materialise.

I won’t pretend meditating is easy when you have a busy lifestyle, but I am trying, and in particular I keep repeating to myself Lee’s constant reminder “Keep your mind out of it”.

As for Lee herself, purely and simply - A very wise lady who just ‘knows’ and who wants so much to pass it on.

ANNA BRUNING (Writer and journalist)

Like some of the other women on Lee's course I was introduced to her by Lucinda Ellery, for which I will forever be thankful. It seems right that we finally met, especially as I too have always seemed attuned to things that escape others: for example, when I was six I repeatedly saw in my dreams a big strong vine rapidly shoot up through my father, all twisted around his veins. I screamed the place down but my parents had a policy of not 'pandering' to our night fears, i.e. too fed-up with having the responsibility of expensive and needy kids at all to bother. When I told my mother of the dream I got a bitter hiding, so I never mentioned it again. My father died of cancer soon after - it had been kept from us that he was mortally ill. I used to think I was all alone in both this world and in what I sensed all around me, but now our monthly Tuesday meetings at Lee's can't come around quickly enough. And ever since Lee included me in our lovely Hums group to start developing our personal, creative and healing skills, that I had (until then) allowed the pressures of escaping a brutal childhood plus earning a living to crush in adulthood, I have noticed a huge difference in my life on all fronts - that is in the professional, personal and even the internal (emotional) way in which I now respond to setbacks. Yes, they are still there, but I feel more able to handle them now.

My meditation and healing course with Lee has helped me become much calmer, clearer, more positive, and sure that once I have worked through whichever current set of events, there is undoubtedly a beneficial outcome to look forward to. The result of this new positivity is not only a better career and income, but a core of steel as regards finally putting aside all the hurts that I carried with me. It all seems to have a point, suddenly. Mind you, there was always a reason for having to go through stuff, but Lee so clearly helps you focus on exactly why. She leads you to the truth in such a way that you think yourself the cleverest soul for having found it: hers is a great and gentle teaching and healing gift. Thanks to Lee it is becoming ever easier to see the past for what it was, to acknowledge its influence in shaping the present, and to free myself of the negativity that held me back. Lee is helping me to unlock the bars that I had placed around my heart and mind. I now know that the future is not to be feared, no matter how difficult the present might be at times.

By helping those attending her groups to develop themselves in their own personal paths, Lee helps us to turn around our thinking; our approach to daily life; our relationships with others; even our business life; not to mention our spiritual life. Being guided by Lee allows each person lucky enough to be allowed on her course to unblock for themselves a clear channel for the good that life has to offer. Of course, this does not mean that adverse events do not affect us: for example I lost my Sunday Times contract days after 9/11 and was devastated - not to mention suddenly without a guaranteed income stream - only to be asked to apply for a far more rewarding job by the same newspaper, out of the blue, just a year later.

Now thanks to Lee I also know already that the next door is already opening for me, and that I can safely abandon fear as my life starts to move into a new space where I will be able to earn a living doing what I love, whether it be writing or helping others in a healing way. Possibly both arts will combine and I will write healing words. Lee has shown me that past and future are a circle, and that we are able to safely negotiate our way between them, no matter how uncertain the present may seem. Her teachings on meditation, visualisation, positive belief, healing for ourselves and others, and the power we each have to channel benefit into our own personal situations, are beyond price. Thanks to Lee I am starting to find what she calls our "sound of silence" - that calm, clear channel that allows a positive voice to reach those that quieten enough to be ready to hear it.

VICTORIA STEVENTON (TV director/producer)

I don’t really know where to start to describe Lee and the development she has done with us.  I have always been spiritually ‘searching’ and I had tried all sorts of different retreats, techniques and gurus before Lee.  But meeting Lee felt like coming home.  I first spoke to Lee after a reading with Sue Redmond who said that I should give Lee a call. When I did Lee said that ‘I wasn’t ready’ but she would be in touch when I was.  Almost two years later I received that call and I have been part of the group known as the Sopranos since then.  I feel enormously privileged to be part of Lee’s groups, for her wisdom and teaching, for the other girls’ friendship and support and, of course, the massive effect that Lee has had on my life.

The monthly sessions we have with Lee are amazing, I always feel ‘plugged in’ to what is really going on after spending time with the group.  Because of the work I do I have missed a few of the groups and it is incredible how much I notice the effect that it has on my life and how much I look forward to the next one.  The development work that we do has taught us to meditate to clear us so that we are a ‘clear channel’ and so be able to heal, hear or counselothers without passing on any of our own issues.  Through this clearing, ego is the first thing to go and we are taught to trust our heart and intuition and not think too much about things and personal issues come up that have to be faced and dealt with before we can move on.  Now that we have begun to heal others it is amazing how I can now see the very gradual, almost imperceptible changes that Lee has brought about in us. I know I still have a long way to go in development with many more personal issues to face before I am totally clear but I am so thankful for Lee and the work she has done with us already.

Through Lee I have become more calm, more self aware and more open.  We have all received answers to problems and questions in our life and help with how to deal with them.  Meditation keeps me grounded and I don’t know how I ever managed without it.  My faith and trust in life is now rock solid, I know that we are all being looked after and that everything that happens to us happens for a reason.  I am now beginning to heal friends and colleagues at work and, still to my amazement, it seems to work.  When I am talking to people about their problems words come out of my mouth, ideas that are not formed in my mind, and these words are unusually accurate and helpful for the people that I am talking to.

Lee is an incredible woman whose kindness, wisdom and passion for what she is doing shines through her.  She is infinitely patient with us all and is always available for us.  She has become a second ‘mum’ to me, the first person I call when I need advice or even just some love and confidence.  Development has become the most important thing in my life, who knows where it will lead but I do know that it is why I am here, here to be a worker.

RUSSELL PIKE (Insurance broker)

I have known Lee and John for a number of years, and admired them as strong, directional, calm, kind people, always able to see the best in all, but able to cope with all situations.

When I was privileged to be invited to join the first Men’s Group, I was intrigued, apprehensive, not sure etc - so many different things flashed through my mind, especially curiosity. I have over the years had a number of ‘strange’ experiences, and it is now reassuring to know that these were psychic as opposed to psycho!

Through the group meditations, I have found quiet, tranquillity, direction and control. I am now much more at ease and have found increased patience and understanding. This is enabling me to learn healing within the development group and giving me something to share with others..

KEITH BRIGHT (Electrical Engineer)

My name is Keith Bright , I am a fifty one year old Electrical Engineer from Romsey, Hampshire. I had the privilege of joining John Alkin’s Meditation Group in May 2000.

Joining a meditation group is something I have had an interest in for some years. My partner Jennie had previously joined Lee’s group about three year’s earlier. I had little experience in the practice of meditation, so joining an all male group for meditation and spiritual development was an exciting but somehow a natural development of my own life.

We were fourteen complete strangers, from fourteen completely different walks of life with one common goal. The most fascinating thing is that after about two meetings these people were as close to me, as if I had known them for years. In the power of the meditation group there becomes a ‘oneness’. A very comfortable ‘oneness’. One that you can carry with you.

John has been a wonderful teacher and guide to all of us over our time in this group. Three years later, I know I have the ‘light’ with me. I can feel it. It has allowed me to be an instrument, bringing ‘hand’s on’ and ‘distant’ healing to people.

BRUCE OWEN (Business Man)

In 1992 I was keen to find someone to regress me, by hypnosis I thought, to let me see what my childhood had been like. I was fed up with listening to people complaining about their abusive childhoods and so I wanted to find out how mine had been, even though I'd had no bad memories. A friend recommended me to Lee, so when I met with her I did not know whether to run or stay when she told me that the regressions she did were past life and not current! I had always been told that I had a sensitivity and indeed a gift for healing but the idea of a spirit world and good and bad forces was always too much for me; anyway I stayed and did the first of a number of very insightful past life regressions; it was one of the best things I could have done.

If you have any thoughts of black and white, good and evil forget them, around  Lee and John there is no hocus pocus, just fun, support and an opportunity to improve your life both on the physical and spiritual level. A chance to meet and make friends in the groups of fellow travellers who may come from very disparate backgrounds but whom you will soon find are truly there to support and encourage you in your hour of adversity and are also gracious enough to allow you to help them.

Healing is a gift which comes in many forms;The gift is the opportunity of allowing a clear healing power to be conducted unsullied and altered through us to those in need. With Obsidian the opportunity is open to all of us to develop to improve our own well being as well as that of our fellow man.

Some people go to great health farms to restore their sanity and well being. Obsidian does all of that and makes you more of a person, a fitter, more thoughtful, peaceful you.

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