Formally inaugurated in 2000, Obsidian College for Healing and Integrated Medicine in Berkshire represents the fruition of over 30 years’ work by healer/counsellor Lee Everett and husband John Alkin.

Set in over an acre of tranquil gardens, the College has for years been Lee and John’s base from which they have offered one-to-one consultations to individual clients and development groups founded in meditation. With its inauguration as a teaching college affiliated to the Institute of Complementary Medicine, with an advisory board of specialists in the worlds of both complementary and conventional medicine.

Obsidian is now able to offer accredited qualifications to those seeking to work within the field of healing/counselling and other forms of complementary medicine, as well as continuing to welcome individuals who simply wish to further their own personal spiritual development.


In a recent article on ‘spiritual intelligence’ in the British Medical Journal (BMJ)*, Brian McMullen wrote of the importance of introducing ‘intuition and compassion’ into conventional medicine, quoting Paracelsus’ observation that ‘the true ground of medicine is love’. He continued: ‘Spirituality is an essential component of a holistic approach to life and work… We all have access to the power of intuition, although we rarely exploit the potential; [and] intuition has an important role in medical diagnosis.’Intuition and spirituality have long been aspects of many disciplines under the complementary medicine ‘umbrella’ but there now is a growing desire to see these elements integrated into Western (allopathic) medicine.

As a College for Healing and Integrated Medicine, Obsidian is dedicated to the pursuit of such ‘spiritual intelligence’, offering courses and development groups which further the inner skills required by practitioners in both the complementary and conventional medical fields.

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