For over thirty years Lee has been motivated by a deep-seated desire to help people. She has come a long way from the blind faith of her youth to the healing and development groups that she runs today. Over the years, thousands of people have benefited from her healing and wisdom.

Early on, the general public were mostly aware of Lee for her short career as a pop singer and her high profile relationships with Billy Fury and Kenny Everett.

But more and more frequently she began to attract media attention for her work in complementary approaches to physical and spiritual health. At that time she was naturally criticised, vilified and humiliated by a mocking press, but she was undeterred. Today, mainstream newspapers and magazines are swamped with articles, features and pull-out sections covering all the subjects that Lee had been pilloried for.

She was a pioneer. In 1982 she opened her first centre in Bayswater, where she taught meditation, gave healing and began here work with development groups. At the same time, she toured the country giving demonstrations and holding forums. Very often she faced hostile crowds organised by fundamentalist Christian groups and at times even had the local police clear mobs from the foyers of the venues she was due to speak in. A far cry from today’s more accepting climate.

Lee’s groups are formed from a complete cross section of people in all walks of life, who are looking for a balance between their physical, mental and spiritual selves. Some people find that balance and move on to live more complete lives; others stay on to pursue their own interests in complementary therapies and become practitioners in specialist fields of their choosing. They also include more enlightened members of the medical profession, who feel that a more holistic approach to healing is the way of the future. These groups allow people with an inner spiritual life, who are perhaps for whatever reason uncomfortable with an orthodox approach, to find meaningful ways to express their spirituality.

These are just a few observations made by some members of her groups:

“…the group empowers us to have a deeper knowing and understanding of our physical and spiritual lives and how the two should be balanced…”

“…gives you a peace and a quiet that with a bit of practice you can draw on in any situation…”

“…I have quietened beyond belief. It is a deep inner calm, which is achieved gradually, and with that inner quietness you are able to handle life in a different way. Your problems don’t just disappear, but the way you handle them and the way you handle people changes.”

“…She is a clear channel for universal energy which is passed on to others to heal physical, emotional and spiritual problems.”

In 2000, Lee began work on the foundation of Obsidian College, a lifelong ambition to integrate aspects of complementary therapies with conventional medicine. In 2002, the college was affiliated to the Institute of Complementary Medicine. In the short time since it has been established, Obsidian College has seen a dramatic increase in enrolments and its success is borne out by the testimonials of the students themselves. 

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